The Sponge Method (not that sponge method) in Bread Baking

The Sponge Method, aka Yeast Starter or Yeast Pre-Ferment, is a two-step mixing process in bread baking. 

The first step is mixing the yeast with the liquid, and half the flour of the entire recipe/formula to create a thick batter, also known as the Sponge.  The Sponge is then set aside to rise for a certain amount of time. 

In the second step, the remaining ingredients of the recipe/formula are incorporated into the sponge.  The dough is then kneaded and set aside to rise until doubled in size.

This two-step method helps to enhance the flavor of the bread and helps  to create a lighter texture.

Before the pre-ferment

Before the pre-fermentation


After the pre-ferment

After the pre-fermentation

I used this particular sponge for a French baguette, which you will soon see.   If you have any questions or have any knowledge to impart then bring it on!