The Brownie Blondie Bar


Help! Summer has held me hostage. I’ve been forced to swim with my kids. Read more books. Sleep in. Socialize with other human beings. Cook my food outdoors. And sit back and watch my house get messier and messier. Summer has been such a tyrant! She convinced me that I shouldn’t eat much because “it’s swimsuit season, dear”, but she also encouraged me to drink a lot more wine. I told her that wine has a lot of calories, and she told me that “wine calories” don’t count and I should just shut my trap.  It’s been a nightmare, I tell you! I snuck away briefly from Summer just to post this recipe on Project Pastry Love. She doesn’t like me to be responsible, you see. I did manage to bake a little while Summer had her back turned. I made a birthday cake for someone special. I made a mirror cake to impress you (coming soon), and I baked these Brownie Blondie Bars. Anyway, I’ve got to go. There’s a conga line forming in my backyard, and I best jump in before Summer notices my absence. 

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Ombre Birthday Cake

In 2012, I ran a 10-mile night race through Disney World. To keep my mind distracted while running in the oppressive heat I thought of another daunting process that lay ahead of me– adopting another baby. There was endless paperwork to be filled out, and “look, we’re so happy” photos that needed to be shot, and all the waiting, not to mention the uncertainty. I thought about all of it, and then it hit me… do I really want another baby? I wasn’t so sure. When the race was over I felt very tired, overheated, and extremely nauseous. Eight months later, you were born, and I sang “Baby don’t you cry, gonna bake a pie…” to you while you nursed on me. Now you are four years old, and I’ve high hopes on you becoming a comedy writer based on your appreciation for Three Amigos, Three’s Company, and that story you love (and won’t let me forget) about how mommy once had to get a shot in her butt. People always say that I became pregnant with you because I finally relaxed after adopting Cameron. I don’t think so. I believe this was what was meant to have happened. Anyway, Happy Birthday my sweet Wesley. I’m so glad that you are in my life. Here, I made you an ombre birthday cake. Continue reading →


Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

I’m pregnant with another blog!  I won’t be revealing the theme of my next “baby” just yet because it needs to grow and mature a bit longer before it makes its grand appearance. To be honest, its been a jerk lately with all of its kicking, and glitching. And don’t get me started with the cravings! When I was pregnant with Project Pastry Love I wanted nothing but baked goods. This one only wants alcohol (hint hint). Oh, and just so we’re clear, this new blog will not take the place of Project Pastry Love (or my human children). PPL is here to stay forever (same with my human children). Hey, let’s make some double chocolate cherry cookies. Continue reading →


7 Baking Mistakes You Can Fix Tonight

Photo courtesy Project Pastry Love

 Joe Hughes’ fantastic website The Village Bakery has become my go-to for recipes, baking/cooking tips, and product reviews. When he offered to contribute to Project Pastry Love a list of common baking mistakes and how to fix them I jumped up for joy. Below you’ll find some helpful tips for both the novice and expert home baker. Thanks, Joe! Continue reading →