Double Chocolate Cherry Cookies

I’m pregnant with another blog!  I won’t be revealing the theme of my next “baby” just yet because it needs to grow and mature a bit longer before it makes its grand appearance. To be honest, its been a jerk lately with all of its kicking, and glitching. And don’t get me started with the cravings! When I was pregnant with Project Pastry Love I wanted nothing but baked goods. This one only wants alcohol (hint hint). Oh, and just so we’re clear, this new blog will not take the place of Project Pastry Love (or my human children). PPL is here to stay forever (same with my human children). Hey, let’s make some double chocolate cherry cookies. Continue reading →


7 Baking Mistakes You Can Fix Tonight

Photo courtesy Project Pastry Love

 Joe Hughes’ fantastic website The Village Bakery has become my go-to for recipes, baking/cooking tips, and product reviews. When he offered to contribute to Project Pastry Love a list of common baking mistakes and how to fix them I jumped up for joy. Below you’ll find some helpful tips for both the novice and expert home baker. Thanks, Joe! Continue reading →


Strawberry Pound Cake

A former acting teacher of mine once told me and my classmates that when we become parents we’ll realize that the world does not revolve around us. I didn’t believe him because I already didn’t think the world revolved around me. I was a grounded, and confident, and happy, and humble 20-something. I had figured life out. No, I did not think the world revolved around me. Then I became a mom in February of 2010, and all of that confidence went out the window. I watched this chubby, red-headed ball of a baby take away everything I hold dear– my freedom, my sleep, my schedule, and my desire to shower. I cried when the sun went down. My diary entries were replaced with feeding logs, and diaper happenings. I felt and looked like I had been hit by a truck. And I longed for my old life. But I had gone down a path I never knew existed. I found myself missing him after he had finally fallen asleep. I wanted him back in my arms immediately after I had handed him to a friend so that I could have a break. I would catch myself staring at him closely, and studying his long eyelashes, and the way his fingers moved, and the roundness of his mouth when he’d try to speak. All of it amazed me. I was in deep, and there was no going back. And that’s when I realized that the world didn’t revolve around me.

Happy Mother’s Day. I made you strawberry pound cake. Continue reading →


My Vodka Martini

Well, I did it. I baked and decorated three cakes for my friend’s First Communion party. The backstory is that I’m not a skilled cake decorator by any means, and when I was hired by this same friend to bake a First Communion cake last year I handed her a freak show on a platter. I had to redeem myself, so for the past month and a half I was sequestered in Cake Land. I finally emerged from this lonely existence with a full beard, long fingernails, a harsh sensitivity to sun light, and some cake decorating skills under my belt. When all was said and done, and I dropped off the three cakes at the restaurant I breathed a long sigh of relief. Looking back I realize that I enjoyed every baking moment I spent with those cakes, and when it was time to decorate them they were ready and willing to put on their Sunday best. That night I celebrated by cleaning up my kitchen, and drinking the most fabulous vodka martini. Continue reading →